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    April 2002

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    Editor's Desk


    Bujold, Lois McMaster. Diplomatic Immunity
    Herbert, Brian, & Kevin J. Anderson. Dune: House Corrino
    Feehan, Christine. Dark Fire
    Feehan, Christine. Dark Legend
    Hogan, James P. Cradle of Saturn
    Stack, Edward. Wizards, Wonder & Worry
    Denez, Deeva. Uncaged
    Benson, Angela. Abiding Hope
    Bedford, Deborah. A Rose By the Door
    Sasson, Jean. Ester’s Child
    Blackstock, Terri. Emerald Windows
    Rivers, Francine. Unafraid
    Schelly, Frankie. At the Crossroads
    Cavanaugh, Jack. While Mortals Sleep
    Orchard, Kerry. The Thoughtmaster’s Conduit
    Ashley, Amanda, Christine Feehan, & Ronda Thompson. After Twilight
    Chalker, Jack L. The Moreau Factor
    Shue, Lloyd. Mable and the Thursday Afternoon Discussion Group
    Keyes, Edward. Rat
    D'Alembert, Arthur. The Song of the Swan
    Foster, Sharon Ewell. Riding Through Shadows
    Moser, Nancy. The Seat Beside Me
    Palmer, Catherine. The Happy Room
    Thoene, Bodie & Brock. Stones of Jerusalem
    Zelitch, Simone. Moses in Sinai
    Murray, Victoria Christopher. Joy

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    Editor's Desk header

    [This update to the website includes all back reviews since March 2002.] Since procrastination is one of my strongest ...weaknesses, I'm going to note here that TBR will appear in your e-mailbox at some point during the first week of each month in the future. (This will also allow me leeway for sudden episodes of babysitting, illness, binge reading, overtime at work, and all the other mundane events which can attack at a moment's notice.)

    Yes, I will have pictures of the marvelous Anna's first birthday on the website hopefully this coming weekend. She was a well-behaved little flirt except when she realized the other children attending her party were getting goody bags (before she opened her presents!). Then she put on her "I AM RULER OF THE UNIVERSE AND ALL BOW BEFORE ME" face and went and grabbed hold of one being held by a six-year-old boy. He looked at me in panic and said, "She won't let go!" She stuck her chin out further in determination and leaned back to get more leverage. I whispered, "Let her have it for a minute, okay?" He let go reluctantly but gently so she wouldn't fall (he has a younger sister), and then I dangled my digital camera in front of her, "Look, Anna, see the cam-er-a?" She immediately abandoned his bag for the bright, shiny object with buttons and flashes. (What can I say? I get distracted by bright, shiny objects too!).

    And once she caught on that she was allowed to play in her food, she pulverized the cake in a ladylike fashion, swirling the icing around, licking her fingers, liberally gobbing it on the faces of anyone near her. She also tried to take cake away from one of the little boys at the party (yes, the same one she tried to steal the goody bag from). She stayed up till 11:30pm on a sugar high playing with her new toys, and then she woke up about 5:00am wanting to play some more. Since I was camped out on the couch in the den where the toys were, my sister brought Anna in to "play" with Aunt Melanie. We played, watched SHREK, and were midway through the second replay of SHREK when she conked out again. On me. With my neck at a weird angle to the couch. Needless to say, I didn't move or sleep!


    The Winners are...drum roll, please...

    Missing! Oops, I knew I left something out. Since the entries are on my computer at home, and I'm away from home sending this, I'll contact the winners this weekend. Don't forget to enter the drawings for more books in the Contests & Free Books section. Good luck!

    Reviews header

    Diplomatic Immunity cover art Bujold, Lois. McMaster. Diplomatic Immunity.
    May 2002. Pocket, $25 ISBN 0743435338.
    [Science Fiction].

    Melanie C. Duncan, reviewer.
    TBR March 1, 2002

    Miles Vorkosigan is back! Two years after the events in A Civil Campaign, Miles and his beloved wife Ekaterin are still on their honeymoon. Technically, a second honeymoon to celebrate the start of their children, a boy and a girl, in uterine replicators. With only a month to go until the children's births, the couple are on their way home when an ImpSec (Imperial Security) courier catches up with them with a sealed message for Miles. Emperor Gregor Vorbarra needs Miles, or rather, Lord Auditor Miles, to investigate a diplomatic screwup at Graf Station. Miles just happens to be unlucky enough to be the nearest Imperial Auditor.

    Accompanied by Ekaterin and Armsman Roic (last seen in his underwear and coated in butter bug "vomit" in A Civil Campaign), Miles heads for Graf Station where a Barrayaran officer is missing, presumed dead. The slowly changing attitudes of Barrayarans towards "muties" collide with the bioengineered forms of the "quaddies" (Falling Free tells the history of the quaddies and Leo Graf), who have an extra set of arms in place of legs, in a spectacular diplomatic debacle. The Barrayarans think the quaddies killed their officer and hid his body, the quaddies think the Barrayarans are unsophisticated boors with antiquated ideas and no manners, and Miles has to prevent a war from breaking out. But Miles has a plan to solve the mystery, spend time with his wife, restore diplomatic relations between Barrayar and Graf Station, and still make it home in time to watch the birth of his children. Hopefully.

    In typical Bujold/Miles style, there are numerous plot lines woven so tightly together that to ignore one is to miss half the story. Murder, mayhem, intergalactic intrigue, romance and lots of big spaceships and weapons appear throughout as characters from previous novels pop up to enliven an already entertaining addition to the series. Bujold is the thinking person's science fiction writer with a wit to entertain the most jaded reader and a grasp of political intrigue and relationships that would make Macchiavelli grit his teeth in envy.

    Dune: House Corrino cover art Herbert, Brian, & Kevin J. Anderson. Dune: House Corrino.
    2001. Spectra, $27.95 ISBN 0553110845.
    [Science Fiction].

    Charles D. Treadway, reviewer.
    TBR March 1, 2002

    In the final novel of the incredible prelude trilogy for the Dune saga, Herbert and Anderson have managed to improve and build upon their previous novels. Many schemes and seemingly unrelated plots are resolved. Some of these plans, however, do not turn out as their initiators expected.

    Emperor Shaddam IV enacts a dangerous gambit to retain his precarious hold upon the Golden Lion Throne. His efforts, however, are clumsy without the advice of his trusted aid, Count Fenring. Although Shaddam and Fenring plotted to develop an artificial alternative to melange, the spice found only on Arakis (Dune), Shaddam decides to enforce one of the Imperial laws forbidding any great houses or planetary governments from stockpiling melange. He views this as a diversion from his tedious duties as Emperor of a Million Worlds.

    Liet Kynes, in his capacity as imperial planetologist, visits the Emperor to ask for new equipment and specialists to study Arakis, and is dismissed as an annoyance. Kynes pronounces his own judgment of the Emperor and vows the Fremen will take care of Dune themselves and the Imperium be damned. With the return of Count Fenring and his news from Ix that the synthesized spice amal is nearing completion, Shaddam plans an attack on one of the illegal hordes of spice. He hopes this savage attack will kill his illegitimate (the only direct threat to his rule) half-brother, Tyros Reffa. This attack is successful only in destroying the stockpile of spice because Tyros left the planet to attend an offworld presentation. He will later face the Emperor and prove his noble heritage.

    Meanwhile, the Bene Tleilaxu researchers, who have not forgotten House Atreides' attack years earlier, are desperate to obtain Atreides and Vernius genetic material for revenge on these Houses. They have obtained the right to acquire material by way of an enormous bribe of spice to the government of Beakkal, to desecrate an ancient war memorial of Houses Atreides and Vernius. Duke Leto, however, will not allow this and initiates a vengeful attack on the Bene Tleilaxu retrieval team which completely destroys the war memorial. Duke Leto still grieves for his son Victor, but after this attack, he is determined to restore the honor and prestige of his House. He also has plans for the restoration of Prince Rhombur to his place as ruler of Ix and to liberate the Ixians from their dreadful oppressors, the Bene Tleilaxu.

    Duke Leto's consort, Lady Jessica, obeys the orders from her superiors in the Bene Gesserit sisterhood to conceive a child. Their plans are for this child to be the mother of the ultimate being, the conclusion of their centuries long breeding program. The sisterhood is not aware that to ease her Duke's grief, she has conceived a son in defiance of their orders. Lady Anirul, the wife of the Emperor and carrier of the sisterhood's breeding program, requests that Jessica give birth on Kaitan for security reasons. This request almost leads to a disaster.

    As Shaddam Corrino's plans near fruition, his opponents are working to stop him before his plans destroy the Imperium, space travel and civilization as it is known on the million worlds of the Empire. With House Atreides and many other forces fighting to prevent this cataclysmic tragedy, an ultimate showdown, the likes of which has never been seen in the million worlds, is inevitable.

    Dark Fire cover art Feehan, Christine. Dark Fire.
    2001. Leisure, $5.99 ISBN 0505524473.
    [Paranormal Romance].

    Melanie C. Duncan, reviewer.
    TBR March 1, 2002

    In Dark Fire, the direct sequel to Dark Challenge, Julian travels with the band and his mate Desari, the lead singer, on their American tour. Desari's brother Darius is still learning to accept her new mate when they hire a mechanic to travel with them and repair the bus or cars when they break down. The mechanic, a redhead named Tempest, immediately strikes sparks off Darius and he feels drawn to her for reasons he doesn't understand. In his limited experience as a Carpathian, only a female Carpathian can be his lifemate, so his reaction to Tempest must be a freak of nature.

    When Darius takes blood from Tempest for the first time, he tries to compel her to forget, not realizing Tempest has strong mental abilities which allow her to communicate with the panthers traveling with the band and prevent his mental suggestion from taking hold. Tempest then thinks he's some kind of vampire, but her escape attempt places her in mortal danger from her fellow humans and from the secret organization shadowing the band's every move.

    As Darius recognizes his growing feelings for Tempest, he realizes he must make a choice between staying with her and choosing to die when she does, or facing an eternity alone. His new brother-in-law Julian has a few surprises in store for him though.

    Tempest is a stronger female character than has previously appeared in Feehan's Carpathian series. She's had to survive on her own from a young age without even a support system of friends, and her background reveals tragedy and trauma. In a way, she's stronger emotionally than Darius even with his extra thousand years or so of life. Small wonder then that Dark Fire is one of the strongest books in the series, capturing the 2001 Pearl Award for Best Overall Paranormal and Best Shapeshifter.

    Dark Legend cover art Feehan, Christine. Dark Legend.
    2002. Leisure, $5.99 ISBN 084394952X.
    [Paranormal Romance].

    Melanie C. Duncan, reviewer.
    TBR March 1, 2002

    In Dark Legend, Feehan returns to Europe in the continuation of the Carpathian series, specifically Paris, France. After more than four hundred years of sleep, the legendary twins, Lucien and Gabriel awaken to a vastly different world. Lucien wakes first when renovations near the graveyard where he was forced underground disturb his slumber. Gabriel, who locked his brother underground during one of their battles, is next.

    Once, Lucien and Gabriel were defenders of their people, seeking out and destroying vampires. Then Lucien turned vampire and began a game of cat-and-mouse with Gabriel across Europe. Now, the weakened Gabriel needs to feed to replenish his strength so he can fight Lucien and keep him from murdering people. He stumbles into Francesca DelPonce as he searches for food, and her generosity in helping him leads to a discovery that shocks him. Not only does Francesca know the ritual words to use when offering blood and is a Carpathian female almost as old as Gabriel, but she is also his lifemate and has been since her youth. She's spent the intervening years learning to hide from other males, and nursing her wounds over her perceived rejection by Gabriel.

    As Gabriel courts Francesca in typical, domineering Carpathian style, he also searches for Lucien. In his heart, he knows he must finally kill his brother, but is Lucien hiding as big a secret as Francesca did? The Carpathians dialogue in recent books has become more Americanized without the Old World-style endearments sprinkled liberally in the earlier books. However, even this lapse doesn't prevent enjoyment of her unique paranormals.

    Cradle of Saturn cover art Hogan, James P. Cradle of Saturn.
    1999. Baen, $24 ISBN 0671578138.
    [Science Fiction].

    Jack Jeffers, reviewer.
    TBR March 1, 2002

    The science in Cradle of Saturn replicates current thinking that there is really no pressing reason for space exploration at this time other than for the expansion of pure science. The primary character, Landen Keene, is a nuclear propulsion engineer. A man who is in the wrong place at the wrong time, because his dream is the outreach of mankind into space to explore and colonize. Earth is extremely introverted, espousing an almost isolationist policy. A privately funded project has placed a group of explorers and colonists among the moons of Saturn. This group, who call themselves Kronians after the Greek name for Saturn, have successfully established a purely scientific colony that has attracted some of the most advanced scientists from all over the world.

    However, some of the scientific findings by the Kronians have resulted in the formation of new theories concerning the development of our solar system. This cataclysmic theory, that the solar system and our planet have undergone repeated cataclysmic cycles, repudiates the existing dogma supported by the reigning Earth scientific community. These Earth scientists react to what they sense as a threat to their funding base and an attack on their scientific positions, much as the church during the medieval era reacted to Galileos' proposal that the earth was not the center of the solar system.

    Keene finds himself in the center of the maelstrom created by the Kronians' claims, his exceedingly public demonstration of a new nuclear space propulsion system, and the appearance of a white-hot proto-planet ejected by Saturn. When it becomes apparent that this new solar body is as large as Earth, and in its race toward the sun is going to come close enough to Earth to affect the survival of civilization, Keene is forced to make a series of decisions. Will he insure his survival by accepting the offer of the Kronians to migrate to their home, or will he begin a desperate search for a woman, who may or may not be alive, for whom he has unresolved feelings?

    Beyond the technical accuracy of the science fiction that he writes, Hogan has the ability to create characters that have some or all of the human foibles without being unrealistic. The characters are not stereotypes, although they represent viewpoints that exist today as they have in the past, but are people who you can relate to. They come alive and leap off the pages.

    Hogan dedicates this book in part to Immanuel Velikovsky, who wrote several non-fiction books in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Velikovskys' theories about the creation of planetary and solar systems were much derided by the "scientific geniuses" who existed in those days and his work ended up being relegated to the classification of "near science fiction". But, as has happened with many scientists whose work was never accepted by the scientific community during their lifetimes, his postulations are receiving new consideration in light of new discoveries, as some of the space probes sent out to investigate our solar system have returned new scientific evidence bringing some of existing beliefs into question. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys pure science fiction without the discordance of implausible "science".

    Wizards, Wonder & Worry cover art Stack, Edward. Wizards, Wonder & Worry.
    2001., $8.98 ISBN 2001000502.
    [Story Collection].

    Nancy B. Leake, reviewer.
    TBR March 1, 2002

    This assortment of nineteen flash fiction stories that vary from medieval fantasy to horror, ghost stories, science fiction, and general fiction, many of which resolve with morals, was a Dream Realm Award Finalist. "The Dragon on the Roof," "The Magicians' Birthday," "For want of a nail...," "Hurry!" and "At What Price Truth?" are studies in fantasy. "The Gift" tells a tale of the relationship between a vampire and the body builder who was her pet. The man enjoy the money, sex, and drugs the vampiress could provide him...until she finds another pet. This inventive story is, perhaps, the author's remark about modern bed-hopping.

    Stack's underlying background appears to have been founded in nursery rhymes and fairy tales, where the reason for writing is elicited from a need to teach, to moralize. In "I Might Have Been Queen," one of the few light-hearted stories, he introduces two teens, Sally and Anne. Sally wonders about her past lives. She imagines if she had been queen, she would have been rich and happy. Anne leads Sally to understand she is already pleased with her life.

    The magic of fiction touches reality in many forms. "The Wreath Maker" uses her wreathes as therapy for clinical depression as she pumps her love into them. "The wreath-maker thought the hydrangeas died when she dried them, but it was not so. In fact, the life that had bloomed in the flowers was sealed in them during the drying, locked away until it was drawn forth as a moth to the flame." This flame is a dying girl touched by the very love the wreathe breathes.

    Another touching tale, "Sharing," is a heart-wrenching piece about Tom, who works Canada Customs at Halifax International Airport, hoping to find kidnapped Mandy Trask and return her to her father through Project Return. "All across the country men and women who spent much of their working day watching for missing and abducted children mourned the loss of one they could not help." Yet they could help for it didn't work out as they expected.

    On the dark side are tales, such as "Dream Catcher" and "Care-Taker." Sam has a sense of losing control of his life in "Care-Taker," and his constantly changing infant daughter, Linda, doesn't help his belief. There was so much to worry about raising children, but he has a plan to reduce his concerns. "A Helping Hand," another dark story, has Sarah having a repeated dream, like many of us do. Her nightmare stems from a true event. In this dream, she recalls her ferry accident every time she faces a decision in life. She feels a hand grasping and pulling her down by the ankle while rescuers try to tow her into the lifeboat. Who will win?

    "Choices" is pure Aesop's fables. Vifeendal, a dragon, is tired of eating cattle and sheep. He wants human flesh, but knows the farmers would move his alternative meat farther away if he ate one of their kind. Just when the dragon expects routine, an alchemist, a dragon hunter, and a crystal sphere venture into his territory.

    Venture into this author’s world, for the twists, turns, and ideals are as varied as snowflakes. To miss this collection may mean the loss of the answer to one of the questions of life.

    Uncaged cover art Denez, Deeva. Uncaged.
    2001. N/A, $20.95 ISBN 0759658412.

    Melanie C. Duncan, reviewer.
    TBR March 1, 2002

    Denez opens her personal life to public scrutiny in the first semi-autobiographical book of a proposed fiction trilogy. From the birth of the main character, Vanessa, through her disastrous first marriage and subsequent turn to God for strength, Denez's voice is fresh and outspoken, never hesitating to share tragedy and triumph as she becomes "uncaged" from her past and struggles to find her place and fulfill her dreams with God's help. Themes of love, motherhood, faith and redemption strengthen this novel and make Denez an author to watch, especially for fans of African- American Christian fiction and Victoria Christopher Murray's Temptation and Joy.

    Abiding Hope cover art Benson, Angela. Abiding Hope: Genesis House Bk. 2.
    2001. Tyndale, $9.99 ISBN 0-8423-1940-9.
    [Multicultural Christian Fiction]..

    Melanie C. Duncan, reviewer. Originally appeared in Library Journal, Nov. 1, 2001. Reprinted with permission.
    TBR March 1, 2002

    Christy Award nominee Benson continues the momentum she established in Awakening Mercy as she explores the lives of Shay and Marvin Taylor, the founders of Genesis House. After their marriage was almost destroyed by the death of their six-year-old son, the Taylors left Genesis House in Atlanta to start a second house in Odessa, Mississippi. Though they have rediscovered their faith and pledged their strength to God's work, Shay desperately wants another baby, even after doctors tell her that a second pregnancy is unlikely. But Marvin sees another child as a path to even more pain. While the Taylors are praying at cross purposes, a needy teen steps into their lives, and once again a wedge is driven between them. Benson is a leading author of African American romances and Christian fiction, and her insight into God's impact on our lives makes her work a requirement for growing collections.

    A Rose by the Door cover art Bedford, Deborah. A Rose by the Door.
    2001. Warner, $11.95 ISBN 0446-67789-2.
    [Christian Romance].

    Melanie C. Duncan, reviewer. Originally appeared in Library Journal, Nov. 1, 2001. Reprinted with permission.
    TBR March 1, 2002

    For years, visitors to Ash Hollow, Nebraska, have knocked on Bea Bartling's door and asked to see her famous pioneer roses, which once marked the wagon train trails. Each time, Bea hopes to see her estranged son, Nathan, but he never appears. After learning that he has been killed in an accident, Bea loses her faith in God and hardens her heart to the woman and child who appear on her doorstep weeks later. Gemma Battling was an unwed mother with a young daughter, Paisley, when she met Nathan, and his love helped her find security again. Now he's gone, and she has pinned her last hopes on his mother. It takes a mysterious gardener, a pastor who never gives up, and the open heart of a small girl to break through the shells surrounding both Bea and Gemma and lead them back to God. Both heartwarming and melancholy, Bedford's (Harvest Dance) poignant tale will find a home in all collections.

    Ester's Child cover art Sasson, Jean. Ester's Child. 2001. Windsor-Brooke, $24.95 ISBN 0-9676737-3-9.
    [Jewish Fiction].].

    Melanie C. Duncan, reviewer. Originally appeared in Library Journal, Nov. 1, 2001. Reprinted with permission.
    TBR March 1, 2002

    Sasson (Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil) weaves a remarkable tale of three families--the Jewish Gales, the Palestinian Muslim Antouns, and the German gentile Kleists--whose lives intertwine in mysterious ways for more than half a century. Interned in the Warsaw Ghetto, Joseph Gale briefly meets Friedrich Kleist, an SS officer who decries the horrors he witnesses. After the war, Joseph and his wife, Ester, among the few members of their extensive families to have survived the Holocaust, settle in Israel. Jump forward in time, and Demetrius Antoun is a Palestinian doctor who hates the Israelis for murdering his friends and family. Michel Gale, son of Joseph and Ester, is an Israeli officer who hates the Arabs for trying to deny him a Jewish homeland. His sister, Jordan, and Christine Kleist, a German nurse seeking to make amends for her father's Nazi past by working in a Lebanese refugee camp, are caught in the middle. In light of the recent attack on the World Trade Center, Sasson's story is keenly relevant, as it exposes the downward spiral of irrational hatred and the bitter seeds sown in its path. While parts of the plot seem rushed, the emotional impact outweighs any drawback. A timely addition to all collections, especially where Brock and Bodie Thoene's "Zion Legacy" series is popular.

    Emerald Windows cover art Blackstock, Terri. Emerald Windows.
    2001. Zondervan, $10.99 ISBN 0-31022807-7.
    [Christian Romance].

    Melanie C. Duncan, reviewer. Originally appeared in Library Journal, Nov. 1, 2001. Reprinted with permission.
    TBR March 1, 2002

    Promising art student Brooke Martin fled Hayden, Missouri, the day after graduation when a prominent matron spread ugly rumors about her and her young teacher, Nick Marcello. Seven years later, Brooke returns to deal with the ghosts of her past and to accept a commission to create stained-glass windows for Hayden Bible Church. When she learns that she will be working with Nick, Brooke almost flees again. But she decides to stand up for herself this time, without family support, but aware that Nick means more to her than she ever thought possible. As Brooke catches Nick's enthusiasm for a series of windows depicting the covenants of the Bible, she also begins to share his passion for the Lord and starts searching deep within the Bible for answers to her questions. Only by finding love with the Lord will Brooke be able to find a love closer to home. Christian suspense novelist Blackstock (Sun Coast Chronicles) shows how strength found in the Lord can have a profound impact on a single life and then spread to others who do not even know they are searching for Him. For all collections.

    Unafraid cover art Rivers, Francine. UNAFRAID: LINEAGE OF GRACE BK. 5. 2001. Tyndale, $12.99 ISBN 0-8423-35994. [Biblical Fiction].

    Melanie C. Duncan, reviewer. Originally appeared in Library Journal, Nov. 1, 2001. Reprinted with permission.
    TBR March 1, 2002

    In this conclusion to Rivers's series about Jesus' matrilineal ancestors (e.g., Unshaken), Mary is not the serene Madonna historically depicted in art. She is instead a willful child, an unwed pregnant teenager thrilled that the long-awaited Messiah will come from her and failing to understand why people won't believe her when she tells them of her vision of an angel of the Lord. Only after God appears to Joseph does he believe and wed Mary. From then on, even though she loves her whole family, Jesus is Mary's sole focus, almost her obsession. Before her faith can become strong enough to endure his crucifixion, Mary must learn that her son was never really hers and that she was the vessel through which God worked his grace. The Christy Award-winning Rivers provides a fresh look at the historical Mary in much the same way Ellen Gunderson Traylor (Mary Magdalene, Mark) and Thom Lemmons (Daughters of Faith series) have done with other biblical figures. A solid addition to all collections.

    At the Crossroads cover art Schelly, Frankie. At the Crossroads.
    2001. FireSign.$18.95 ISBN 1-931391-32-7.
    [Christian Fiction].

    Melanie C. Duncan, reviewer. Originally appeared in Library Journal, Nov. 1, 2001. Reprinted with permission.
    TBR March 1, 2002

    Sister Vivian Tiamet is torn between the past and the present in her role as principal and superior at St. Anthony's School and Convent in Sleeder, Illinois. She became a nun in a faltering attempt to expatiate her guilt about having an abortion when she was a teen, and now a teen in a similar situation needs her help. Her retreat is threatened by budget cuts, and her sense of her role as a nun is increasingly undermined by a growing feminist movement in the convent led by Kimberly, a novice nun determined to make the Catholic Church friendlier to women by opening doors to positions previously held only by men. At the same time, Vivian worries about the ailing Sister Dominic, who hides behind her habit and refuses to discuss her failing health. Another nun, Mary Ruth, covertly seeks information about her biracial family roots. As each woman struggles with individual crises, they must pull together to find the strength to survive the end of life as they know it. The depictions of sex are more graphic than usually found in Christian fiction, but Schelly's first novel grapples with topics of current interest in much the way that Sylvia Bambola's Tears in a Bottle does. A strong contribution for most collections.

    While Mortals Sleep cover art Cavanaugh, Jack. While Mortals Sleep: Songs in the Night Bk. 1.
    2001. Bethany House, $11.99 ISBN 0-7642-2307-0.
    [Christian Historical Fiction].

    Melanie C. Duncan, reviewer. Originally appeared in Library Journal, Nov. 1, 2001. Reprinted with permission.
    TBR March 1, 2002

    In 1939, Pastor Josef Schumacher's native Germany has become a nightmare of Nazi activism spreading its poisonous grip throughout his congregation and infecting the bright teenagers he has watched grow up. When one of his teens turns in his own father for listening to BBC broadcasts, an action that results in the man's execution, Josef can no longer remain uninvolved. Even though his pregnant wife begs him not to call attention to himself, Josef is drawn deeper into the resistance, risking his life daily. Cavanaugh (An American Family Portrait series) examines the lives of ordinary Germans who did not stand by while their countrymen began the wholesale slaughter of Jews. His portrayal of the impact of one man's work on the lives of others fits well on the shelf with Laurel Schunk's A Clear North Light. Highly recommended.

    The Thoughtmaster's Conduit cover art Orchard, Kerry. The Thoughtmaster's Conduit.
    2001. New Concepts Publishing, $3.50 e-book, ISBN 1586083007.

    molly martin, reviewer.
    TBR April 2002

    Rhan killed his half-brother and is sentenced to serve a year in the salt mines. That he had cause for the killing has been taken into account by the Council of Elders, thus he is not sentenced to death. However, before the year ends, he may wish that he had been. Adding to Rhan's sentence--his left arm will be shackled lest he use his special power.

    Dlrow is overrun by a group of strange beings who mean to take over the world. They practice dark magic, manage to subvert many of the dragons, and damage the ones who hold this world's power in balance until only chaos ensues. It is left to Rhan to become the hero he must be in order to save his world. He, Vero the thief, Alisha, and Rhan's brother Taoe are thrown into brutal struggle with the Daha'et as the Wakanee circles are rendered helpless.

    This tale of past times set in forests and mountains, amidst pools of lava and strange beings is an entertaining read. The Thoughtmaster's Conduit is a work in which Orchard has created a nicely sketched world and peopled it with a throng of engaging, well- developed characters who envelop the reader. Her gamut of individuals runs from the truly horrific to the humorous, from hero to villain and most everything in between.

    Orchard's writing is filled with rich detail, with an emphasis on feelings, sights and sounds. The action is fast paced producing an altogether enjoyable read. Vibrant dialogue between the interesting array of characters is creditable and serves to move the tale along at an ever increasing clip. This book is a must read for those who enjoy the Tolkien type of fantasy in which strange and wondrous beings people a strange and wondrous world.

    After Twilight cover art Ashley, Amanda, Christine Feehan, & Ronda Thompson. After Twilight.
    2001. Love Spell, $5.99 ISBN 0505524503.
    [Paranormal Romance Anthology].

    Melanie C. Duncan, reviewer.
    TBR April 2002

    Ashley's "Masquerade" weakly opens this anthology with the tale of a 300-year-old vampire, Jason Blackthorne, who falls for Leanne, one of the cast members in a production of Phantom of the Opera. Jason's air of mystery intrigues Leanne, much as the Phantom intrigued Christine, but unlike the Phantom, he gets the girl. Unfortunately, the overused Phantom theme doesn't achieve any new twists, and the characters lack the emotional depth to save the story from boredom.

    However, Feehan's "Dark Dream" and Thompson's "Midnight Serenade" save this anthology. In "Dark Dream", which ties into the popular Carpathian series, the lone Falcon has protected his people in secret from the deadly vampires since before Mikhail Dubrinsky became prince of their people. Mikhail's father sent his best men away before his death to establish themselves as solitary protectors of their people. Now, Falcon crosses the trail of Sara Marten, a young woman who's been on the run for years from the vampire that killed her family. Recognizing his lifemate in Sara, Falcon will do anything to protect her--even sacrifice his secrecy. Sensual, compelling, a delight for devoted fans and a tantalizing introduction for new ones.

    Then, in Thompson's tempting "Midnight Serenade", veterinarian Rick Donovan prefers a solitary existence living in a cabin in the wilderness. He spends most of his time tracking the wolves in the area and treating them for illness, or injury from the local ranchers who see the wolves as a threat to their livestock and livelihood. Enter Stephanie Shane, wildlife videographer out to document the existence of the wolves in the ranching community. When Rick and Stephanie first meet, he accidentally bites her while escaping from people out to kill him. Well, not him in the sense he's Rick-the-veterinarian, but him in the sense he's Rick-the-werewolf. While on a hunting trip to Canada Rick's brother was killed by a werewolf and Rick was infected. As he realizes he's doomed the one woman he's ever loved, Rick learns the cure from an old wise woman. But is he strong enough to use it? Thompson is best known for her contemporary and historical romances and for her humor. With this short story, and the forthcoming sequel Call of the Moon (Fall 2002), she debuts her dark side and invites the world to bay at the moon in enjoyment of her sexy new adventures. Definitely one to watch for paranormal fans.

    The Moreau Factor cover art Chalker, Jack L. The Moreau Factor.
    2000. Del Rey, $6.99 ISBN 0345402960.
    [Science Fiction].

    Charles D. Treadway, reviewer.
    TBR April 2002

    Set in the early 21st century, The Moreau Factor introduces us to Chuck Vallone, an aging reporter who once won a Pulitzer Prize, but now is just coasting along as the science and technology reporter for the Baltimore Post. While covering a scientific convention in Washington, D.C., he is noticed by a renowned geneticist who contacts Vallone for a meeting. The scientist promises the story of the century, but when Vallone arrives at the hotel for the meeting, he finds police and government agents investigating the scientist's room.

    The room is a grisly mess but there's no body. D.C. police question Vallone, but he's cleared as a suspect. He jokingly asks if a man-sized, flying dog-like creature could have murdered the scientist, and is not given an answer. This arouses Vallone's interest, and the next day his curiousity is further whetted when he receives a package from the murdered scientist containing a floppy disk and strange samples of what appear to be skin and hair unlike anything he has seen in his career. Some of these samples were stolen by the same being who murdered the scientist.

    This theft and other strange events convince Vallone that this is indeed the story of the century and he becomes obsessed with uncovering the truth. He recruits a beautiful geneticist and is assigned an editor to help with this investigation. In this depraved world he enters filled with government "black squads" and "black projects", the agents are minor players compared to the scientists in charge of this world who will stop at nothing to unleash their final solution, with or without Vallone's consent, upon the world.

    This novel is an excellent read! It combines several of Chalker's favorite ideas--conspiracy theory, black projects, genetic manipulation, reverse engineering and intelligent super-computers--to provide a world view that is uniquely Chalker.

    No Cover Art Available. Shue, Lloyd. Mable and the Thursday Afternoon Discussion Group.
    2001., $4 e-book ISBN N/A.

    m j hollingshead, reviewer.
    TBR April 2002

    What an enchanting little book! Each of the five anecdotes in this just under 14,000 word narrative introduces indepth another of the Thursday Afternoon Discussion Group. In this droll look at Miss Mable and her cohorts, Shue has captured tongue-in-cheek delivery to a "T".

    "Tea Cup" centers around Lou Anne's missing tea cup and we soon come to realize that Mable, her sister Betsie, and her brother Daniel are prone to "borrow" things. Mable is left now and then to try to set right the mischief carried out by those in her family.

    "Robert's Rules" finds a determined Agnes, the maverick of the group, setting out to bring a little order to group meetings, while "The Message" introduces the not very likable, scripture-quoting husband of Gertrude, the long-suffering parson's wife. Mable skillfully persuades the Reverend that buying his wife a nice new set of china is the better part of valor.

    "Bygones" finds the ladies aided by the Reverend in an attempt to persuade Mable and Betsie's bachelor brother Daniel and widowed Lou Ann into renewing their old high school romance. The book closes with "The Election" in which the Thursday Afternoon Discussion Group meets on Friday just before Agnes makes a run for the office of mayor.

    This highly entertaining chronicle is a nice lazy afternoon read. Shue has captured the flavor of Miss Marple and has done her justice in his portrayal of the elderly Mable and sister Betsie. Each of the ladies in the Thursday Afternoon Discussion Group is a delight worth getting to know. Mable and the Thursday Afternoon Discussion Group is most enjoyable and highly recommended.

    Rat cover art Keyes, Edward. Rat.
    2001. LTD Books, $6 disk ISBN 1-55316-044-4; $5 Rocket ISBN 1-55316-959-X.

    Nancy B. Leake, reviewer.
    TBR April 2002

    “After the initial shock then anger then dismay, his mind had remained a turmoil of anxiety and self- reproach. Even so, for a while he'd been buoyed by a certain fascination with what was happening to him, as though he were an outsider observing a performance by others...All he knew was that he'd been dragged this way and that for hours, like a dry bone between a couple of bored dogs, finally only to be discarded without a backward look in a dank hole that stank of urine and mold.” Yeah, Tony Farrell, owner of Anthony's restaurant in Manhattan had it made or so he thought.

    Tony and his girlfriend, Liz Melville, purchased the restaurant as it was going out of business. Their hearts and souls and every dime they owned was invested in the business. Then they found they had a waiting period of six months before their liquor license would be effective. They were drowning when Cheech Donato walked in with a loan. Tony was naive; he thought Donato was a savior, until his loan became due. The markup on the loan was impossible to pay. Broken arms and legs were not in Tony's plans, so he began doing small jobs for Donato--shylocking, hot merchandise, book making, small drug deals. The jobs grew larger and the dope more diverse. Then he was busted in the middle of a drug sale.

    Ed Stabler and Roy Thomas, the Joint Undercover Strike Team (JUST), work for Brendan Hartnett, the Assistant U.S. Attorney. They offer Tony a deal to get the big guys, those behind it all--Aaron Luke Brothers (the Giant), and Donato. The Giant owns a legitimate meat packing business and several nightspots in Atlanta and Philadelphia as fronts. The Feds have been unable to make a case against either criminal.

    Tony decides to play ball with the Feds when he goes to discuss his predicament with his adoptive father, Michael Palmieri, and finds out Linda, his adoptive sister, was busted for heroin dealing and addiction. He decides not to tell Michael of his arrest since Linda's situation devastated Michael and his wife, JoAnna.

    Subplots abound--dirty cops, Mafia, and families. The Italians are concerned with the Giant's power and organization in Harlem. They tell Michael of Tony's involvement in the underworld. Millie Dubois, Roy's wife, becomes involved in a business deal with the Giant promoting her designer clothing. Tie everything with a tidy bow and you have Rat. Thrills and intrigue fill every page as Tony tries to get out of the jam his ill-conceived decisions wrought.

    Song of the Swan cover art D'Alembert, Arthur. The Song of the Swan.
    1998., $19.95 ISBN 1581128681.
    [Science Fiction].

    Charles D. Treadway, reviewer.
    TBR April 2002

    This thought-provoking novel explores the possibility of the existence of alien life and the discovery of that life in a unexpected way. It is based upon actual scientific observations of a supernova that occurred 160,000 years ago from which the data was observed in 1987. Many other scientific disciplines are employed to advance the story.

    Just before the star Sanduleak explodes in a supernova, a spacecraft arrives to record the death of the star. Due to an unexpected acceleration of the destruction of the star's nucleus, the spacecraft is destroyed, but as a last gesture, the occupants are able to send a message using lightwaves of the star's destruction. This information is recorded with the other observations about the supernova on Earth in 1987 under the name 1987-A.

    Five years later, Susan Kimmerly Horowitz discovers unusual number patterns in the data, patterns suggesting it must have been sent by an intelligent species. She can't believe her results, so she brings her findings to her boss, Dave Erkoff, who recommends she check copies of the data from Tokyo University. Her results are the same, and they decide to bring this information to the attention of the President of the United States, who decides this discovery is of such magnitude that it will be controlled by and kept secret by the U.S. government. State secrets, however, are difficult to keep.

    Researchers in Japan have also discovered the secret of the supernova, and although they are behind the U.S. in decoding the information, they quickly catch up and surpass the efforts of the U.S. research team. The Japanese researchers almost go too far and nearly release a deadly virus created by the information from the supernova itself. Then researchers decide this project is far too dangerous to continue and is locked away until such time as the technology exists to safely decrypt the information.

    D'Alembert's writing is a little stilted at the beginning of the novel, but improves as the work progresses. Better proofreading would have eliminated many of the typographical errors, but the basic story is valid and may appeal to pure science buffs.

    Riding Through Shadows cover art Foster, Sharon Ewell. Riding Through Shadows.
    2001. Multnomah, $11.99 ISBN 1-57673-807-8.
    [Multicultural/Christian Fiction].

    Melanie C. Duncan, reviewer. Originally appeared in Library Journal, Nov. 1, 2001. Reprinted with permission.
    TBR April 2002

    The Christy Award-winning Foster shifts between the 1960s and the 1980s to narrate the life of a young black woman named Shirley. As a little girl living in the North during the 1960s, Shirley wasn't exposed to the overt racism her peers in the South experienced daily. But when her father was killed in Vietnam, and her mother was committed to a mental institution, Shirley slipped between the cracks. Then Mother Johnson, a distant relative, came to take her home and fight for her spiritual salvation. Demonic forces, particularly one called "Child Killer Shirley," illustrate this battle for Shirley's soul, but the way they pop in and out of the plot is confusing. While still demonstrating Foster's excellence in providing a balanced look at people as individuals rather than groups, this novel is overshadowed by a dizzying plot that bounces back and forth between time and place and ends abruptly with a note that the story will continue in Passing into Light (no publication date given). Foster's fans will demand this title, but steer new readers to Passing by Samaria or Ain't No River for a better taste of Foster's talents.

    The Seat Beside Me cover art Moser, Nancy. The Seat Beside Me.
    2002. Multnomah, $10.99 ISBN 157673-884-1.
    [Christian Fiction].

    Melanie C. Duncan, reviewer. Originally appeared in Library Journal, Feb. 1, 2002. Reprinted with permission.
    TBR April 2002

    What would you do if your actions meant life for other people but potential death for yourself? During a plane crash into freezing waters, one man finds out as he answers God's instruction from Isaiah 30:21: "This is the way; walk in it." He passes a lifeline from a rescue helicopter four times to the few other survivors in the water with him and then disappears under the water before the helicopter can save him. His actions affect the people he saved, the rescue crew who lost him, and the family he leaves behind. Each questions, "Why did he give up his life for others?" The answer lies in his faith, and his example shows the way for others to follow. In light of the September 11 terrorist attacks, Moser's (The Invitation) latest is particularly powerful.

    The Happy Room cover art Palmer, Catherine. The Happy Room.
    2002. Tyndale, $19.99 ISBN 0-8423-5421-2.
    [Christian Fiction].

    Melanie C. Duncan, reviewer. Originally appeared in Library Journal, Feb. 1, 2002. Reprinted with permission.
    TBR April 2002

    Siblings Julia, Peter, and Debbie Mossman grew up as the children of missionaries to Africa. Now, almost 25 years later, Julia is the wife of a pastor with two teenage daughters, a surprise baby on the way, and a rosy view of her childhood. Peter abandoned his faith as a rebellion against their parents' religion, and Debbie has starved herself into the hospital in an attempt to find the acceptance and love she never felt at home. The elder Mossmans have retired from mission work, but they still maintain a heavy load of commitments to speak at various churches, commitments more important to them than Debbie's illness. As Julia and Peter band together to fight for Debbie's life, long-simmering frustrations erupt and force the siblings to reevaluate their childhood and face their feelings of abandonment from their years at boarding school while their parents were in the field. Palmer (A Dangerous Silence) exposes the negative side of mission work when missionaries focus too much on spreading God's word to others and ignore the needs of those closer to their hearts. An intriguing viewpoint among the traditionally positive fodder.

    Stones of Jerusalem cover art Thoene, Bodie & Brock Thoene. Stones of Jerusalem: Zion Legacy Bk. 5.
    2002. Viking, $23.95 ISBN 0-670-03051-1.
    [Historical/Christian Fiction].

    Melanie C. Duncan, reviewer. Originally appeared in Library Journal, Feb. 1, 2002. Reprinted with permission.
    TBR April 2002

    Moshe Sachar and Alfie Halder continue reading the scrolls containing the accounts of Marcus Longinus, a Roman centurion, regarding the growing popularity of Jesus of Nazareth, a potential threat to Roman rule. Marcus reveals his undying love for Mary Magdalene balanced with his regret that she has chosen a new life and faith of which he is not part. As Marcus struggles with his own mixed feelings about Jesus, he witnesses the cold-blooded result of Salome's dance for John the Baptist's head. A secondary story follows a child named Avel, or "not loved," as he struggles to survive and finds a father in a stranger named Jesus. Following The Jerusalem Scrolls (LJ 9/1/01), this will stand alone, but it loses impact taken out of context of the series and should be purchased only where the series is owned.

    No Cover Art Available. Zelitch, Simone. Moses in Sinai.
    2001. Black Heron, $23.95 ISBN 0930773-594.
    [Biblical Fiction].

    Melanie C. Duncan, reviewer. Originally appeared in Library Journal, Feb. 1, 2002. Reprinted with permission.
    TBR April 2002

    Zelitch (Louisa) loosely bases her tale on the traditional story of Moses while at the same time twisting it in unusual directions. As in the Bible, Moses is placed in the river after Pharaoh's decree that there be no male children born to the Jews. However, his father binds him in cloth with a stone in his mouth to drown him quickly and silence his cries. A watching witch, Moses's older sister Miriam, flows through the water and spirits him to the arms of Pharaoh's daughter, with whom he will spend the next 14 years as a pampered pet. His brother Aaron casts off the remnants of Jewish heritage to become a temple priest and wield the power of the gods. One day, Moses realizes that he is not Egyptian, and he begins to question the Jews, "Why are you a slave?" His questions lead him into the Sinai, where Moses learns the forgotten name of the Jewish God and the answer to his question. Moses appears predominantly as a madman, almost a cultlike figure destined to lead disbelieving tribes of slaves into the wilderness to freedom, a freedom most neither want nor desire. For collections where Zelitch or biblical fiction is popular.

    Joy cover art Murray, Victoria Christopher. Joy.
    2001. Walk Worthy, $23.95 ISBN 0-446-52875-7.
    [Multicultural/Christian Fiction].

    Melanie C. Duncan, reviewer. Originally appeared in Library Journal, Feb. 1, 2002. Reprinted with permission.
    TBR April 2002

    Successful African American businesswoman Anya Mitchell doesn't see how her life could get any better. She owns a lucrative financial services company, has a devoted fiancé, and maintains a strong relationship with the Lord. Then, a man invades her office after hours and brutally rapes and beats her. In the aftermath, Anya's fiancé struggles between rage and concern, a partner in her firm becomes a pillar of support, and her grandmother and cousin put aside their arguments to help, but only Anya's faith in God allows her to pick up the pieces and survive. While Anya seems to shake off the psychological trauma of the rape almost as if nothing happened, Murray (Temptation) still invokes an air of suspense and further tragedy while exploring the depths of faith in a manner sure to please fans.


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    Popular juvenile/teen/adult author Judy Blume is moving from Random House to Penguin Putnam and she's taking her backlist of FUDGE novels with her. She's already planning to write a new book in the series, DOUBLE FUDGE, for her new publisher. Her title SUMMER SISTERS will remain at Random.


    The path to publication of FIRE IN THE ROCK, a first novel, from small press to Ballantine isn't as unusual in today's publishing field as it would have been five years ago. What is unusual is the publisher: Novello Festival Press is a micropress funded by fees collected by the public libraries in Charlotte, NC.


    Rosie O'Donnell plans to turn teen novel AMERICA by E.R. Frank into a movie and is promoting it on her show.


    Manil Suri won the Barnes & Noble 2001 Discover Great New Writers Award for fiction for THE DEATH OF VISHNU, a book also shortlisted for the PEN/Faulkner Award. Suri wins $10,000 cash and extensive marketing and advertising support from B&N.; Second prize of $2,500 went to Leif Enger for PEACE LIKE A RIVER, and third prize of $1,000 went to Edward Carey for OBSERVATORY MANSIONS.


    Harlequin has long been associated with series romance, but last year the company captured more than 50% of retail sales in North America with its single titles, some of which appear under the MIRA imprint.


    Earful of Books,, is renting audiobooks for seven, 14 or 30 days. Rental price includes a postage-paid envelope for the return of the audiobook. A $1 per day late fee is assessed. Their target audience lives in the Austin, TX, area.


    Press Release
    Stephen King calls Neil Gaiman “a treasure house of story,” and now Neil Gaiman's best-loved works are PerfectBound e-books, each containing special features _Not Available_ in print editions:

    AMERICAN GODS: “On the Road to American Gods.”
    NEVERWHERE: “Because I Say So: The Making of Neverwhere.”
    SMOKE AND MIRRORS: Three stories previously uncollected.
    STARDUST: “Writing and the Imagination.”

    A Free e-book sampler is available in either Adobe eBook Reader at

    or Microsoft Reader at

    Visit for more information.


    Colson Whitehead, 32, won the 2002 New York Public Library's Young Lions Fiction Award for novelists 35 or younger for JOHN HENRY DAYS. He quipped that maybe now he could get amnesty for his overdue books, whereupon the library director retorted that with his $10,000 prize he would now be able to pay the fines.


    Press release

    BelleBooks, a small Southern press owned by six veteran women authors, has sold mass market rights to the first three titles in its Mossy Creek series to Susan Allison at Berkley Books in a six-figure deal. The books, which feature heartwarming stories about the people and events of a Mayberry-like town in the mountains of northern Georgia, are collaborative novels penned by a team of up to fifteen authors including the publishing company's six owners/partners.

    BelleBooks' first collaborative effort, an autobiographical collection of short stories titled SWEET TEA AND JESUS SHOES, sold in mass market to Allison at Berkley last year, and the mass market edition was published in February. A literary Southern fantasy series about women descended from a coastal Georgia mermaid, (series title: WaterLilies) by partner Deborah Smith, was launched by BelleBooks this winter with ALICE AT HEART as the lead title. ALICE AT HEART is now in its second printing and offers for subrights are still being assessed.

    BelleBooks plans to continue selling the original trade editions of their books.

    Book two in the series, REUNION AT MOSSY CREEK, will be published by BelleBooks in June 2002 in trade format.

    Deborah Smith
    debbsmith at


    Stealth Press is changing its focus from direct sales to the library market following a decision to lay off some workers in an attempt to stay in business. Stealth offers quality hardcover reprint editions of out-of- print horror, SF, mystery and fantasy novels.


    Ann Patchett's BEL CANTO won the 2002 PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction, and she receives a prize of $15,000 cash.

    The other finalists, Jonathan Franzen (THE CORRECTIONS), Karen Joy Fowler (SISTER NOON), Claire Messud (THE HUNTERS), and Manil Suri (THE DEATH OF VISHNU) each receive a $5,000 cash prize.


    Harry Potter rumors abound with the latest being that Scholastic will release Book 5 at the end of May to coincide with the video release of HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE. Supposedly, Scholastic is afraid to make any announcements for fear hordes of school children will storm their offices. (School children? What about adults?!)


    Dennis Lehane's MYSTIC RIVER won the 2002 Dilys Award from The Independent Mystery Booksellers Association (IMBA). The award began in 1993 and is named in honor of Dilys Winn, the founder of the first specialty mystery bookstore in the U.S., and is awarded to the book booksellers most enjoyed handselling the previous year. Previous winners of the Dilys Award are Val McDermid, Robert Crais, Michael Connelly, Janet Evanovich, John Dunning, Peter Hoeg and Carl Hiassen. Lehane also won a Dilys in 1999 for GONE GONE BABY.

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    April-May 2002 Titles

    The complete list of Forthcoming Titles is available only to subscribers.

    Abbreviations guide:

    BOOK FORMAT: (eb) = electronic book; (hc) = hardcover; (pb) = paperback; (tpb) = trade paperback

    GENRES: [AH] = Alternate History; [CF] = Christian Fiction; [E] = Erotica; [F] = Fantasy; [Fic] = Fiction; [G] = Gothic; [GN] = Graphic Novel (Comic Book); [H] = Horror; [Hist] = Historical; [LT] = Legal Thriller; [M] = Mystery; [MT] = Medical Thriller; [Mult] = Multicultural; [P] = Paranormal; [R] = Romance; [S] = Suspense; [SF] = Science Fiction; [T] = Thriller; [TT] = Time Travel; [W] = Western; [YA] = Young Adult.

    No genre is listed if genre is part of the title or if the book is mainstream fiction.

    * = New addition/change to prepublication list since last issue.

    Publication dates subject to change at the discretion of the publisher.


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    APRIL 2002

    Albright, Letha. Daredevil's Apprentice (tpb). [M].

    Allston, Aaron. Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream (pb). [SF].

    Almond, David. Counting Stars (hc). [YA].

    Andrews, Donna. You've Got Murder (hc). [M]. Described as a "techno-cozy" with AI Turing, the computer intelligence, is the sleuth.

    Ansa, Tina McElroy. You Know Better (hc). [Mult/P].

    Axelsson, Majgull. April Witch (hc). [TT]. A Swedish import.

    Baggott, Juliana. The Miss America Family (hc).

    Baker, Trisha. Crimson Night (pb). [P/R].

    Beard, Julie. The Duchess' Lover (pb). [Hist R].

    Benford, Gregory, ed. Habitats in Space (hc). [SF].

    Bennett, Nigel. His Father's Son (pb). [H]. Sequel to Keeper of the King.

    Bernhardt, William. Final Round (hc).

    Bevarly, Elizabeth. Take Me, I'm Yours (pb). [R].

    Blackstock, Terri. Cape Refuge (tpb). [CF/M].

    Bond, Michael. Monsieur Pamplemousse on Vacation (hc). [M].

    Bradbury, Ray. One More for the Road: A New Short Story Collection (hc).

    Bradby, Tom. The Master of Rain (hc). [Hist M].

    Bradley, Marion Zimmer. Heritage and Exile (pb). [SF]. 1st in a series of Darkover omnibuses.

    Brady, James. Warning of War (hc). [Hist T].

    Braverman, Kate. The Confessions of Frida K. (hc). [Hist]. Fictional life of artist Frida Kahlo.

    Brown, Parry. Sittin' in the Front Pew (hc). [Mult].

    Buchanan, Edna. You Only Die Twice: A Britt Montero Mystery (pb).

    Cabot, Meg. Princess in Love: The Princess Diaries Bk. 3 (hc). [YA].

    Carey, Jacqueline. Kushiel's Chosen (hc). [F].

    Carlson, Melody. Looking for Cassandra Jane (tpb). [CF].

    Carroll, Leslie. Miss Match (pb). [R].

    Castro, Adam Troy. Spider-Man: Secret of the Sinister Six (hc). [SF].

    *Cates, Kimberly. Mother's Day Garden (pb). [R].

    Chiaverini, Jennifer. The Runaway Quilt: An Elm Creek Quilts Mystery (hc).

    Christopher, Nicholas. Franklin Flyer (hc). [Hist].

    Clark, Mary Higgins. Daddy's Little Girl (hc). [S].

    Connelly, Michael. City of Bones (hc).

    Cox, Greg. Star Trek: The Eugenics Wars Bk. 2 (hc). [SF].

    Crafts, Hannah, edited by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. The Bondswoman’s Narrative (hc). [Mult/Hist]. Might by the 1st novel written by a female slave in the U.S.

    Creech, Sharon. Ruby Holler (hc). [YA].

    D'Alessandro, Jacquie. The Bride Thief (pb). [Hist R].

    Dart-Thornton, Cecelia. The Lady of the Sorrows: The Bitterbynde Bk. 2 (hc). [F].

    Dickson, Athol. They Shall See God (tpb). [CF/M].

    Dodd, Susan. O Careless Love (tpb).

    Doherty, Robert. Area 51: Excalibur (pb). [P/T].

    Donachie, David. Element of Chance: Privateersman Mystery #4 (tpb).
    -----. The Hanging Matter: Privateersman Mystery #3 (tpb).

    Doyle, Deborah, & James D. MacDonald. A Working of Stars (hc). [SF].

    Dun, David. At the Edge (pb). [LT].

    Emerson, Earl W. Vertical Burn (hc). [T].

    Esdaile, Leslie. Love Potions (pb). [Mult R].

    Estleman, Loren D. Something Borrowed, Something black (hc). [M].

    *Feehan, Christine, Sabrina Jefferies, Emma Holly, Elda Minger. Fantasy (pb). [R/SC].

    Flanagan, Richard. Gould’s Book of Fish (hc). [Hist].

    Flint, Eric, & David Drake. The Tyrant (hc). [SF].

    Fowler, Earlene. Steps to the Altar: A Benni Harper Mystery (hc).

    Francis, James. Danger Hour (pb). [T].

    Frayn, Michael. Spies (hc). [YA/Hist].

    Gearhart, Sally Miller. The Kanshou: Bk. 1 of Earthkeep (tpb). [SF].

    Gemmell, David. Stormrider (hc). [F].

    Gibson, Rachel. Lola Carlyle Reveals All (pb). [R].

    Girzone, Joseph. The Messenger (tpb). [CF].

    Grafton, Sue, ed. Writing Mysteries, 2nd ed.: A Handbook by the Mystery Writer's of America (tpb). [NF].

    Graham, Heather. Hurricane Bay (hc). [R/S].

    Grant, John. Paper Snarl Interviews (tpb). [NF]. Interviews with 25 SF/F artists on the creative process.

    Green, Sharon. Destiny: Bk. 3 of the Blending Enthroned (pb). [F].

    Greenwood, Ed. Spellfire (tpb). [F]. Expands the original novel.

    Grimsley, Jim. Boulevard (hc).

    Hamilton, Laurell K. Caress of Twilight (hc). [P]. Merry Gentry series bk. 2.

    Harris, Charlaine. Living Dead in Dallas: A Southern Vampire Mystery (pb). Sequel to Dead Until Dark.

    Hart, Carolyn G. April Fool Dead: A Death on Demand Mystery (hc).

    Heller, Ted. Funnymen (hc). [Hist].

    Henley, Karyn. Rag Baby (tpb). [CF].

    Higgins, Jack. Midnight Runner (hc). [T].

    Howard, Linda. Dying to Please (hc). [R/S].

    Hughes, David. The Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Never Made (tpb). [NF].

    Hyde, Catherine Ryan. Walter's Purple Heart (hc).

    Jackson, Brian. The Queen of Harlem (hc). [Mult].

    Jagendorf, Zvi. Wolfy and the Strudelbakers (tpb).

    Jenkins, Jerry B. The Youngest Hero (hc). [CF/YA].

    Johansen, Iris. Body of Lies: An Eve Duncan Novel (hc). [S].

    Johnston, Joan. The Loner (pb). [R].

    Jones, Stephen. Creepshows: The Illustrated Stephen King Movie Guide (tpb). [NF].

    Joseph, Sheri. Bear Me Safely Over (hc).

    Joy, Dara. Ritual of Proof (pb). [SF/R].

    Keller, Nora Okja. Fox Girl (hc).

    Kenner, Julie. Aphrodite's Passion (pb). [F/R].

    King, Laurie R. Justice Hall: A Mary Russell & Sherlock Holmes Historical Mystery (hc).

    Kingsbury, Karen. Halfway to Forever (tpb). [CF].

    Koja, Kathe. Straydog (hc).

    Kunzru, Hari. The Impressionist (hc). [Hist Fic].

    Kyle, Kristen. Promise of Gold (pb). [Hist R]. Features Derek from Touched by Gold.

    Lackey, Mercedes. Elvenborn (hc). [F].

    Laurens, Stephanie. On a Wild Night (pb). [Hist R]. A Cynster novel.

    Lemon, Brendan. Last Night (hc).

    Lewis, Roy. The Nightwalker: An Eric Ward Mystery (hc).

    Lindsey, Johanna. The Pursuit (hc). [Hist R]. Sequel to Say You Love Me.

    Littell, Robert. The Company (hc). [T].

    Littlefair, Brian. Desert Burial (hc). [T].

    Lively, Penelope. A House Unlocked (hc). [NF].

    Long, Jeff. Year Zero (hc). [S].

    *Mackay, Scott. Orbis (pb). [SF].

    MacLaverty, Bernard. The Anatomy School (hc). [YA/Hist].

    Marion, Stephen. Hollow Ground (hc).

    Marshall, Bev. Walking Through Shadows (hc).

    McCaffery, Barbara Taylor, & Beverly Taylor Herald. Double Date: A Bert & Nan Tatum Mystery (pb).

    McCall, Dinah. White Mountain (pb). [R/S].

    Meyers, Jeffrey & Valerie. The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Reader (hc). [SC]. Features a selection of detective stories, horror, journalism, historical fiction, an excerpt from The Lost World, and the complete text of The Poison Belt, his SF novel.

    Miller, Andrew. Oxygen (hc). Short-listed for the Booker Prize.

    Miller, Linda Lael. The Last Chance Café (hc). [R]. Featuring the descendants of the Women of Primrose Creek series.
    -----. Out of the Shadows (tpb). [P/R]. Contains Forever and the Night & For All Eternity.

    *Miller, Barbara. The Pretender (pb). [Hist R]. Regency.

    Min, Anchee. Wild Ginger (hc). [Mult/Hist].

    Moore, Martha. Matchit (hc).

    Murphy, Pat. The Shadow Hunter (tpb). [TT]. Rewrite of 1982 novel.

    Nance, John J. Turbulence (hc). [T].

    Nelson, Antonya. Female Trouble (hc). [SC].

    Norman, Howard. The Haunting of L (hc). [Hist]. Final book in his Canadian trilogy.

    Norton, Andre, & Lyn McConchie. Beast Master's Ark (hc). [F].

    O'Kane, Leslie. Give the Dog a Bone: An Allie Babcock Mystery (pb).

    Parker, T. Jefferson. Black Water: A Merci Rayborn Mystery (hc).
    -----. Silent Joe (pb). [M].

    Picardo, Robert. Star Trek: Voyager: The Hologram's Handbook (tpb). [NF].

    Pruett, Darrel. The Power of the Shadow (tpb). [T].

    Rabe, Jean. Betrayal: The Dhamon Saga Bk. 2 (pb). [F].

    Radish, Kris. The Elegant Gathering of White Snows (tpb). [CF].

    Rakow, Mary. The Memory Room (hc). [CF]. A novel in verse.

    Ranney, Karen. When the Laird Returns: Bk. 2 of the Highland Lords (pb). [Hist R].

    Reeman, Douglas. Badge of Glory: Royal Marines Saga Bk. 1 (tpb).
    -----. The First to Land: Royal Marines Saga Bk. 2 (tpb).

    Ringo, John. When the Devil Dances (hc). [SF].

    Robbins, David L. Scorched Earth (hc).

    Roberts, Nora. Three Fates (hc). [R/S].

    Robinson, Kim Stanley, ed. Nebula Awards Showcase 2002 (tpb). [SF/SC].

    Rodriguez, Luis J. The Republic of East L.A. (hc). [Mult/SC].

    Rolofson, Kristine, Bobbi Hutchinson, & Muriel Jensen. A Wedding at Cooper's Corner (pb). [SC/R].

    *Ross, JoAnn. Blue Bayou (pb). [R].

    Rushford, Patricia H. Grave Matters: A Jennie McGrady Mystery (pb). [YA].

    Salvatore, R.A. Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones (hc). [SF].

    Sheldon, Mary. Halfway Home (hc).

    Shreve, Anita. Sea Glass (hc). [Hist].

    Shinn, Sharon. Jenna Starborn (tpb). [F].

    Shyer, Marlene Fanta. Two Daughters (pb).

    Sima, Carol Ann. The Mermaid That Came Between Them (hc).

    Simon, Frank. The Third Dragon (tpb). [CF/M].

    Sixbury, Glenn R. Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict--Legacy (hc/tpb). [SF].

    Spillane, Mickey, & Max Allan Collins, eds. A Century of Noir: 32 Classic Crime Stories (tpb).

    Stoks, Peggy. Elena's Song (tpb). [Hist/CF].

    Stone, Jean. Trust Fund Babies (pb).

    Stone, Sarah. The True Sources of the Nile (hc). [Mult].

    Tappin, Nigel. Clue Mysteries: 15 Whodunits to Solve in Minutes (tpb). Featuring characters from the game of Clue.

    Tepper, Sheri S. The Visitor (hc). [SF].

    Tetrick, Bryon R., ed. In the Shadow of the Wall (tpb). [AH/SC].

    Thomas, Jacquelin. The Prodigal Husband (tpb). [Mult].

    Thompson, Victoria. Murder on Washington Square: A Sarah Brandt & Frank Mallow Historical Mystery (pb).

    Turtledove, Harry. Rulers of the Darkness (hc). [F].

    Tyler, Lee. The Teed-Off Ghost: A Hawai'ian Golf Mystery (tpb).

    Vaz, Mark Cotta. The Art of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (hc). [NF].

    Watt, Donley. Reynolds (hc). [CF].

    West, Michael Lee. Mad Girls in Love (hc).

    Whatley, Tom. He Ain't Dead: A Reed Haddok Western (tpb).

    Woods, Stuart. The Short Forever: A Stone Barrington novel (hc).

    Woodson, Jacqueline. Last Summer With Maizon (hc). [YA/Mult].


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    MAY 2002

    Adams, Douglas. The Salmon of Doubt: Hitchhiking the Galaxy One Last Time (hc). [SF].

    *Allen, Charlotte Vale. Grace Notes (hc).

    Anderson, Poul. Going for Infinity (hc). [SC].

    *Andrews, V.C. Wicked Forest (pb). [H].

    *Asprin, Robert. Myth Adventures Two (tpb). [F].

    Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia. Midnight Predator (hc). [YA/H].

    Auel, Jean. The Shelters of Stone (hc). [Prehistorical Fic]. Bk. 5 of the Earth's Children series.

    *Axler, James. Devil in the Moon: Outlanders (pb). [SF].

    Basso, Eric. Bartholomew Fair (tpb). Reprint of 1982 title.

    *Baxter, Mary Lynn. Like Silk (pb). [R].

    Bell, James Scott. The Darwin Conspiracy: The Confessions of Sir Max Busby (tpb). [CF].

    Berberova, Nina. The Book of Happiness (tpb). Translated from the Russian.

    *Beverley, Jo. Hazard (pb). [Hist R].

    Block, Lawrence, ed. Speaking of Wrath (hc). [SC]. Contains stories by Faye Kellerman, Brendan DuBois and Block, among others.

    *Bradley, Marion Zimmmer. The Ages of Chaos (pb). [SF]. Contains Stormqueen and Hawkmistress.

    Bray, Patricia. Devlin's Luck (pb). [F].

    *Brockmann, Suzanne. Prince Joe (pb). [R]. The first book in Brockmann's popular SEALs series is reprinted-- finally!

    Brooker, Will. Using the Force: Creativity, Community and Star Wars Fans (hc). [NF].

    *Brown, Dale. Warrior Class (pb). [T].

    Bujold, Lois McMaster. Diplomatic Immunity: A Miles Vorkosigan Adventure [SF].

    Cabot, Patricia. Kiss the Bride (pb). [Hist R].

    *Calhoun, Dia. Aria of the Sea (pb). [YA/F].

    Chang, Terrence. Sons of Heaven (hc).

    *Child, Lee. Without Fail: A Jack Reacher Novel (hc).

    Coben, Harlan. Gone for Good (hc). [M].

    Colfer, Eoin. Artemis Fowl (pb). [YA].
    -----. Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident (hc). [YA].

    Collins, Max Allan, & Jeff Gelb, ed. Flesh & Blood: Dark Desires--Erotic Tales of Crime and Passion (tpb).

    *Copeland, Lori, & Anglea Elwell Hunt. A Perfect Love (pb). [CF].

    Cornwell, Bernard. Gallows Thief (hc). [Hist].

    Correa, Arnaldo. Spy's Fate (hc). [Hist T].

    Coyle, Harold. Against All Enemies (hc). [T].

    Cragg, Dan, & David Sherman. Starfist: Kingdom's Sword (pb). [SF].

    Crisswell, Millie. The Trials of Angela (pb). [R].

    Curran, Mary Doyle. The Parish and the Hill (tpb).

    *Daheim, Mary. Silver Scream: A Bed & Breakfast Mystery (hc).

    Deaver, Jeffrey. The Stone Monkey: A Lincoln Rhyme Mystery (hc).

    Dibdin, Michael. And Then You Die: An Aurelio Zen Mystery (hc).

    *Dick, Philip K. Clans of the Alphane Moon (tpb). [SF].
    *-----. Dr. Bloodmoney (tpb). [SF].
    -----. The Minority Report and Other Classic Stories (tpb). [SF].
    *-----. Simulacra (tpb). [SF].
    *-----. Time Out of Joint (tpb). [SF].

    *Dickey, Eric Jerome. Between Lovers (pb). [Mult].
    -----. Thieves' Paradise (hc). [Mult].

    Dimmick, Barbara. Heart-Side Up (hc).

    Donoghue, Emma. The Woman Who Gave Birth to Rabbits (hc). [SC].

    Dorsey, Tim. Triggerfish Twist (hc).

    *Douglas, Carole Nelson. Cat in a Leopard Spot: A Midnight Louie Mystery (pb).
    -----. Cat in a Midnight Choir: A Midnight Louie Mystery (hc).

    *Douglass, Sara. Starman: The Wayfarer Redemption Bk. 3 (hc). [F].

    Drayson, Nicholas. Confessing a Murder (hc). [M].

    Duarte, Stella Pope. Let Their Spirits Dance (hc).

    *Edghill, Rosemary. The Warslayer (pb). [F].

    Egan, Greg. Schild's Ladder (hc). [SF].

    Elkins, Aaron J. Turncoat (hc). [S].

    *Emerson, Earl. Vertical Burn (hc). [S].

    Emerson, Kathy Lynn. Face Down Under the Wych Elm (pb). [Hist].

    Enright, Michael. Daisies in the Junkyard (hc). [Mult/CF]. Written by a priest.

    *Fassbender, Tom, et al. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Creatures of Habit (tpb). [GN].

    *Feehan, Christine. Dark Guardian (pb). [P/R].

    Fitzwater, Judy. Dying to Get Her Man: A Jennifer Marsh Mystery (pb).

    Frank, Dorothea Benton. Sullivan's Island (tpb).

    Frasier, Anne. Hush (pb). [S].

    *Friedman, Michael Jan. Star Trek: The Stargazer Gauntlet Bk. 1 (pb). [SF].

    Fuentes, Carlos. Inez (hc). [Mult].

    *Gaiman, Neil. American Gods (pb). [H].

    *Gallagher, Diana G. Charmed: Spirit of the Wolf (pb). [YA/P].

    *Gardner, Lisa. The Next Accident (pb). [S].

    Golden, Christopher. Oz: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (pb). [YA/H].

    Grafton, Sue. P is for Peril (pb). [M].

    *Grant, Charles L. The Black Road: Diablo Bk. 2 (pb). [H].

    Green, Carmen. Doctor, Doctor (pb). [Mult R].

    Griffiths, W.G. Driven (tpb). [CF/P].

    Grodstein, Lauren. The Best of Animals (hc). [YA/SC].

    Haig, Brian. Mortal Allies (hc). [T].

    Hambly, Barbara. Dragonstar (hc). [F].

    *Hamilton, Steve. North of Nowhere: An Alex McKnight Mystery (hc).

    Hancock, Karen. Arena (tpb). [SF/F/CF].

    Harrison, Kathryn. The Seal Wife (hc). [Hist/P].

    Hartnett, Sonya. Thursday's Child (hc).

    *Henry, April. Learning to Fly (hc). [T].

    Hijuelos, Oscar. A Simple Habana Melody (hc). [Mult/Hist].

    *Hillerman, Tony. The Wailing Wind: A Joe Leaphorn Mystery (hc).

    Hinton, Lynne. Garden of Faith (hc). [CF]. Sequel to Friendship Cake.

    Hofmann, Gert. Luck (hc). [YA].

    *Howard, Linda. Open Season (pb). [R/S].

    Hunter, Travis. Married But Still Looking (hc). [Mult].

    *Ignacio, Paco, II. Frontera Dreams: A Hector Balascoran Shayne Mystery (tpb). [Mult].

    Illinick, C.J. The Tablets of Ararat (tpb). [CF].

    Jackson, Brenda. Perfect Timing (hc). [Mult].

    Jaffe, Michele. Lady Killer/Secret Admirer (pb). [Hist R].

    James, Bill. Split (hc). [M]. From the creator of Harpur & Iles.

    Jecks, Michael. The Sticklepath Strangler: The Medieval West Country Mysteries (tpb).

    *Jenkins, Beverly E. Belle and the Beau (pb). [Mult/Hist R]. With YA appeal due to ages of characters.

    Jennings, Kate. Moral Hazard (hc).

    *Johnson, Susan. Again and Again (tpb). [E/R].

    *Jones, Diana Wynne. Fire and Hemlock (hc). [YA/F].

    Kalpakian, Laura. Educating Waverly (hc).

    *Kaninger, Bob, et al. Sgt. Rock Archives (hc). [GN].

    Kenry, Chris, et al. Summer Share (tpb). [Mult SC].

    Kincaid, Jamaica. Mr. Potter (hc). [Mult].

    Kincaid, Nanci. Verbena (hc).

    King, Peter T. Deliver Us from Evil (hc). [T].

    *Koertge, Ronald. Stoner and Spaz: A Love Story (hc). [YA].

    *Koike, Kiazuo, et al. Lone Wolf and Cub: Fragrance of Death (tpb). [GN].

    *Krahn, Betina. Just Say Yes (pb). [Hist R].

    Krentz, Jayne Ann. Summer at Eclipse Bay (pb). [R].

    *Kurtz, Katherine. Deryni Tales (pb). [F/SC].

    L’Amour, Louis. With These Hands (hc). [SC].

    *Laumer, Keith, & Eric Flint. Keith Laumer: The Lighter Side (pb). [SF].

    Laurens, Stephanie. On a Wicked Dawn (pb). [Hist R]. A Cynster novel.

    Law, Susan Kay. Marry Me: Marrying Miss Bright Bk. 2 (pb). [Hist R].

    *Layton, Edith. The Devil's Bargain (pb). [Hist R].

    *Lee, Stan, et al. Avengers: Marvel Masterworks Vol. 1 (hc). [GN].

    *Lee, Tanith. Wolf Queen: The Claidi Journals Bk. 3 (hc). [YA/F].

    Lent, Jeffrey. Lost Nation (hc). [Hist].

    *Lisle, Holly. Memory of Fire: Bk. 1 of the World Gates (pb). [F].

    London, Julia. The Secret Lover (pb). [Hist R].

    *Lopez, Steve. In the Clear (hc). [M].

    *Lowell, Elizabeth. Moving Target (pb). [R/S].

    *Lumley, Brian. Necroscope Avengers (pb). [H].

    *Malone, Michael. Time's Witness (tpb). [M].

    Marías, Javier. A Heart So White (tpb). [Mult].

    *Martin, George R.R. A Game of Thrones: Song of Ice and Fire (pb). [F].

    *Martin, Kat. Hot Rain (pb). [Hist R].

    Martinusen, Cindy McCormick. North of Tomorrow (tpb). [CF].

    *Maxwell, Cathy, & Liz Carlyle. Tea for Two (pb). [Hist R]. Regency.

    McGuane, Thomas. The Cadence of Grass (hc). [Hist/W].

    *McKiernan, Dennis L. Dragondoom (pb). [F].

    McMurtry, Larry. Sin Killer (hc). [Hist]. First in a tetralogy.

    *McNab, Claire. Accidental Murder (tpb). [M].

    *Medeiros, Teresa. A Kiss to Remember (pb). [Hist R].

    *Metzger, Barbara. A Debt to Delia (pb). [Hist R].

    Michaels, Fern. Kentucky Heat (hc). [R]. Sequel to Kentucky Rich.

    *Mikaelson, Ben. Touching Spirit Bear (pb). [YA].

    Monroe, Mary Alice. The Beach House (pb). [R].

    *Moody, Greg. Dead Air: A Cycling Murder Mystery (tpb).

    *Moore, Terry, et al. Star Wars Tales Vol. 2 (tpb). [GN].

    *Morehouse, Lyda. Fallen Host (pb). [F]. Sequel to Archangel Protocol.

    *Morrell, David. Long Lost (hc). [S].

    *Morris, Gilbert. The Fiery Ring: House of Winslow Bk. 28 (tpb). [CF/Hist].
    -----. Jordan's Star (tpb). [CF/Hist].

    Morris, J.M. The Lonely Places (hc).

    Moyes, Jojo. Sheltering Rain (hc).

    Naylor, Clare. Dog Handling (hc).

    Nazarian, Vera. Dreams of the Compass Rose (hc). [F].

    O'Brien, Kevin. Make Them Cry (pb). [S].

    O'Nan, Stewart. Wish You Were Here (hc).

    *Palmer, Diana. Brides to Be (pb). [R]. Collection of previously published titles?

    Palmer, Michael. Fatal (hc). [Medical T].

    *Pascal, Francine. Blind: Fearless Bk. 21 (pb). [YA].

    *Paul, Paula. Symptoms of Death (pb). [Hist M].

    Paulsen, Gary. The White Fox Chronicles (pb). [YA/SF].

    Peters, Elizabeth. The Golden One: An Amelia Peabody Historical Mystery (hc).

    Pickard, Nancy. Ring of Truth (pb). [M].

    Picoult, Jodi. Perfect Match (hc). [LT].

    *Pratchett, Terry. Thief of Time (pb). [SF].

    Pressfield, Steven. Last of the Amazons (hc). [Hist].

    Putney, Mary Jo. The Bartered Bride (hc). [Hist R].

    *Quick, Amanda. Don't Look Back (hc). [Hist R]. Sequel to Slightly Shady.

    *Radford, Irene. Guardian of the Vision (pb). [F].

    Ray, Jeanne. Step-Ball-Change (hc).

    *Rinaldi, Ann. Millicent's Gift (hc). [YA].

    Robb, Candace. A Spy for the Redeemer: An Owen Archer Historical Mystery (hc).

    *Roberts, John Maddox. Hannibal's Children (hc). [AH].

    *Roberts, Nora. Face the Fire: Three Sisters Island Bk. 3 (pb). [P/R].

    *Robson, Lucia St. Clair. Ghost Warrior: Lozen of the Apaches (hc). [Hist].

    Rosenberg, Philip. House of Lords (hc).

    Ross, Ann B. Miss Julia Throws a Wedding (hc).

    *Roycraft, Jaye. Afterimage (tpb). [P/R].

    *Rucka, Greg, et al. Elektra & Wolverine: The Redeemer (hc). [GN].

    St. John, Tina. Black Lion's Bride (pb). [Hist R].

    Sandford, John. Mortal Prey (hc). [S].

    *Sawyer, Robert J. Hominids (hc). [SF].

    *Saylor, Steven. A Mist of Prophecies: A Gordianus the Finder Historical Mystery (hc).

    Scott, Manda. No Good Deed (hc). [S].

    *Scottoline, Lisa. Courting Trouble (hc). [LT].

    Sedgwick, John. The Education of Mrs. Bemis (hc).

    Shannon, John. Streets of Fire: A Jack Liffey Mystery (hc).

    *Sherman, Beth. Murder Down the Shore: A Jersey Shore Mystery (pb).

    Shields, Carol. Unless (hc). Launches the new Fourth Estate imprint for HarperCollins.

    Smith, Dean Wesley, ed. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds V (tpb). [SC]. Fan fiction.

    *Spinelli, Jerry. Loser (hc). [YA].
    *-----. Stargirl (pb). [YA].

    Stacy, Judith Minthorn. Betty Sweet Tells All (hc).

    Stevens, Marcus. The Curve of the World (hc).

    Strauss, Darin. The Real McCoy (hc). [Hist].

    Taibo, Paco Ignacio, II. Frontera Dreams: A Héctor Balascorán Shayne Mystery (tpb). [Mult].

    Toll, Emily. Murder Will Travel (pb). [M].

    *Trice, Dawn Turner. An Eighth of August (tpb). [Mult].

    Trotter, William R. The Sands of Pride (hc). [Hist].

    *Tsuda, Masami. Kare Kano Bk. 1 (tpb). [GN].

    Verissimo, Luis Fernando. The Club of Angels (hc). Translated from the Portuguese.

    Ward, Annie. The Making of June (hc).

    *Weber, David, et al. The Warmasters (hc). [SF/SC].
    *-----, & John Ringo. March Upcountry (pb). [SF].

    Weis, Margaret, ed. A Quest-Lover's Treasury of the Fantastic (tpb). [SC].

    *Westlake, Donald E. Put a Lid On It (hc). [M].

    Whitman, John. Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (hc). [NF].

    *Wolf, Joan. Silverbridge (pb). [R].

    Wollheim, Betsy, & Sheila Gilbert, eds. DAW Books 30th Anniversary Fantasy Anthology (hc). Original stories by major authors in the field.
    -----. DAW Books 30th Anniversary Science Fiction Anthology (hc). Original stories by major authors in the field.

    Wright, Sarah E. This Child's Gonna Live (tpb).

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